Help for children exposed to domestic violence


Centrum LOCIKA started its operation in May 2015 as an extension of a major project conducted under the auspices of ACORUS called “Three Pillars of Safety,” which was supported by the charitable foundation Open Society Fund Prague and their charitable programme „Let´s give women a chance“, financed by Norwegian funds. Link to project evaluation of “Three Pillars of Safety” project HERE.

Centrum LOCIKA is government-accredited provider of services within the framework of the restorative programme for families with children, provider of consultancy in the social and legal protection of children.

Professional sponsorship of the project: Doc. PhD OldÅ™ich Matoušek, CSc. a PhD Hana Prokešová

Legal confirmation that LOCIKA will continue to provide services developed in the context of “Three Pillars of Safety”, which was originated under the auspices of ACORUS HERE.