Help for children exposed to domestic violence

Different way of help

Help in different ways

Philanthropy can be fun. Combine what you like with what you are good at and enjoy. Activities of the LOCIKA Center are usually supported through runs or birthday gifts but it goes without saying that there are no limits to your creativity. Donate your free time and get your friends involved.

How to do it? Here are short instructions...

  1. Choose or come up with an opportunity or event – a run, a birthday party with a gift for children at risk of domestic violence, a dance or a life event, a BBQ/dinner/celebration and join your efforts to support the LOCIKA Center, or give up one cup of coffee a day for one month and use the change you save to support therapy for children.
  2. Make a schedule – 1 challenge = 1 month.
  3. Set a targetamount - generally, the most frequent donations range from CZK 200 to CZK 500, and the most frequent target amount is CZK 10,000 - 15,000.
  4. Make your own website for your challenge.
  5. Talk to the people around you – the success of donation challenges depends mainly on personal relationships. Share your challenge with your friends, family and co-workers, and do not be afraid to address your contacts through social media.

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If you want to help with any items listed above, please contact us:

Aneta Bdínková
Tel.: : +420 734 441 233