About Centrum LOCIKA


Contact us:

Opening hours:                                                                

Umělecká 588/6, Prague 7, 170 00                         

Monday to Thursday 8:00 - 18:00, Friday 8:00 - 16:00 

(Personal visits are only possible on Thursdays as part of crisis intervention.)

Call us or write:

 +420 722 906 323 (for media)

info@centrumlocika.cz (for clients)

Centrum LOCIKA helps children who experience domestic violence, either as direct victims or witnesses. 

LOCIKA protects the interests of children and provides professional assistance to them and their parents. The aim is to minimize the effects of domestic violence on child development and to establish healthy relationships with their parents so children can grow up in a respectful family environment.

Flyer with basic information about our work.
Trauma kit - a set of our infographics in English.

We help children
  • Therapy for trauma and consequences of violence (individual and group therapy).
  • Comprehensive psychodiagnostics.
  • Aid in dealing with the authorities (accompaniment to police interviews, court, etc.).
We help parents
  • Therapy for violence (individual and group).
  • Support of parental competencies.
  • Development of healthy relationships with children.
  • Analysis of the child's needs and subsequent recommendations.
We help entire families
  • Help to stop family violence.
  • Improvement of family situation.
  • Support in the creation of parenting agreements.
  • Collaboration with professionals in the interests of children.

All our services are provided free of charge to families from Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.

Our motto: "A childhood without violence."

Our mission: "We help children and their parents to live a life free from violence and to foster healthy relationships in the family."